In the late 1990's, we transitioned from optical printing, where film was projected directly onto photographic paper, to scanning the film before printing. The decision was difficult, but we found the predictability of a good scan made for much more consistent prints. 

It took Atkins years before we were comfortable that our scanned film prints were as good, if not better, than our optically hand printed pictures. Today, fifteen years on, we are extremely proud of our film scans. 

Print from film pricing

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Standard Scans

These scans are the same as the scans we offer in our process and scan packages for film. The pricing below is per negative unlike our process and scan pricing which is per roll. Files are supplied as maximum quality 8-bit jpgs unless otherwise specified and in sRGB colour space. Volume pricing available.

Approx file sizes vary if film is 120 or 35mm. Additional costs apply for Kodachrome, black and white and odd sized negatives.

Service time: 2 days for raw scans, 3 days for print ready scans

Black and white workshop shots by Bentinmarcs on Ilford 3200 120 processed and scanned by us.


Scan prices


Scan sizes

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