Penelope Package


Penelope is one of our most elegant frame packages, it has been designed to add little to your already stunning image. Simplicity is at the heart of a Penelope.

Before printing, our colour critical team will always adjust your picture so it will look it’s best.

Penelope is available up to 20 x 30" size. The paper we use is light sensitive and developed in a wet chemical process supplied by our great friends at Kodak, and there is nothing that matches it.

Once your print is made we mount it onto a light board, then frame it flush in a simple frame, with a tiny spacer to keep the surface of your print away from the acrylic we glaze it with.

With a traditional frame hanger on the back and Penelope being so light, hanging is a breeze. We can advise you on hanging should you need it.

Featured photographer Kylie Mills. Products shot by Bentinmarcs on Kodak Portra 400 120 processed and scanned by us.

Please Note: All prints over 20 x 30 inches are printed as pigment


Sizes refer to the print size, not the frame size. Other sizes quoted upon request.