How do I order?


Atkins at home online ordering software

We offer a stand alone online ordering software called ROES. It will allow you to place orders at any time. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy and fast. However, it's a bit unfriendly at first. You can have a chat with us at any opening time hours if you need help. 

If you don’t have a customer number enter the word new in the customer number section.

Click here to download.

In person at our store

We have a retail store in Adelaide, South Australia, it showcases all the different ways you can use photography in your life. We have consultants there ready to help you download your files and design your finished products. You are welcome to visit us for a chat and coffee any time!


Atkins Photo Lab
89 Fullarton Road
Kent Town
South Australia, 5067
Phone 08 8431 6755

Via email and phone

We deal with clients all over the world via email and phone calls. We can expertly guide you through the process of selecting images and products and help you work out what size it should be and arrange every last thing! We welcome you calling or emailing to start the process of placing an order. We will walk you through each step. or phone 08 8431 6755