Instagram Package


Modern photos can be so fleeting, like a sand castle, you enjoy that first look of it, proud of what you have made, then it gets lost to the waves of time. Losing an important picture to that great folder of photos you are accumulating is a sad thing.

Atkins’ little Instagram frames are a perfect way to mark those important moments up on your wall for everyone to enjoy for ever. They are sold in clusters so you can build a beautiful story of your own. 

The Atkins Raw Timber frame moulding pictured is an additional 10% on top of these prices.

The price includes a colour check, a beautiful print on lustre paper, mounting and set to back framing into a contemporary small square frame with a choice of colours. Our frame catalogue is coming soon.

Price $100 for a set of four and $25 each additional frame. 

Please note, no wall hanging attachments are included without instruction from client. These frames are very light and work beautifully with 3M stickers, each frame comes with two stickers.

Featured photographer Lark & Bear. Products shot by Bentinmarcs on Kodak Portra 400 120 processed and scanned by us.