Eleanor Package - mounted prints


Choose from three highly practical materials to mount your prints onto. In all cases we use an acid-free high quality pressure sensitive adhesive. 

  • Gator Foam is fantastically light and rigid, much stronger than traditional foam board.

  • MDF is a traditional favourite, very strong and very rigid.

  • DiBond is an amazing state-of-the-art material, a light skin of aluminium sandwiching a dense foam core. It is rigid and truly archival.

Please Note: All prints over 20 x 30 inches are printed as pigment prints. All can be supplied ready to hang upon request.

Featured photographers Lark & Bear, David Evans, We Are Origami, Paul Atkins. Products shot by Bentinmarcs on Kodak Portra 400 120 processed and scanned by us.


Sizes refer to the print size, not the image size. Other sizes quoted upon request.