Daisy Package


Daisy is a twist on an old favourite, we like our canvas prints to give something extra. You will see down the wrapped side, there is room for some text to help tell the story of that photo. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a word or two can round off the story.

Before printing, our colour assessing team will always adjust your picture so it will look its best. We print onto a premium canvas, check the print then over coat with a protective spray that will add years to the life of something designed to last generations.

Please note, our canvas material is real cotton based canvas, it is a natural material and because of that can have flecks of seeds and grains that add to the texture and should not be seen as faults.

After the spray has cured, we stretch the image onto a timber frame. With our smaller Daisy canvasses, you can use adhesive strips to attach to the wall, but larger pieces will need a single hanging point, and with the biggest pieces, we recommend two hanging points. All of our wall pieces have hangers on the back ready to go, we can always advise on hanging so don't be afraid to ask, and if you need us to, we can arrange to hang your picture for you.

Products shot by Bentinmarcs on Kodak Portra 400 120 processed and scanned by us.

Canvas edge options

  • White edges
  • Wrap around edges (loss of 4cm each side of image)
  • Mirrored edges (image edges are flipped in Photoshop to wrap around, no loss of image)


Sizes refer to the print size, not the frame size. Other sizes quoted upon request.

Daisy Package Sizing Guide Daisy Package Sizing Guide Price
A4 and smallerA5$150
10 x 15" (25 x 38 cm)12 x 12" (30 x 30 cm)$210
11 x 14" (28 x 35 cm)14 x 14" (35 x 35 cm)$220
12 x 16" (30 x 40 cm)A3$220
16 x 20" (40 x 50 cm)16 x 16" (40 x 40 cm)$250
20 x 24" (50 x 60 cm)20 x 20" (50 x 50 cm)$320
20 x 30" (50 x 75 cm)A2$330
60 x 60 cm $340
60 x 90 cmA1$400
75 x 100 cm $500
100 x 100 cm $615
100 x 150 cmA0$830
120 x 120 cm $885
120 x 180 cm $1110