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We have been processing film for over 80 years. We love it, it's in our blood. We have some of the most experienced film handlers in the country who have been working with us for decades and we want to make sure people keep shooting film professionally. 

We have been working hard with Kodak to arrange the direct supply of film through official Kodak channels. This means you can buy film from us at prices competitive to grey import. 


    • To qualify for bulk pricing minimum order of $600 is required.
    • Bulk orders can be delivered directly to you at a business street address via courier.
    • Estimated delivery time 10 working days.
    • Orders must be placed via email and pre paid.

    ProductMinimum orderOrders for $600 or moreOrders under $600
    135/36 Ektar 100 single roll20 rolls$10.70 per roll$13.25
    120 Ektar 100 pro pack4 pro packs$36.60 per pro pack$45.30
    120 Portra 400 pro pack4 pro packs$51.15 per pro pack$63.35
    135/36 Portra 400 pro pack4 pro packs$50.70 per pro pack$62.80
    135/36 Portra 160 pro pack4 pro packs$53.85 per pro pack$66.65
    120 Portra 160 pro pack4 pro packs$40.85 per pro pack$50.55
    4 x 5 Portra 160 10 sheet box20 boxes$67 per box$82.95
    135/36 Portra 800 single roll20 rolls$15.40 per roll$19.05
    120 Portra 800 pro pack4 pro packs$83.10 per pro pack$102.86
    135/36 TMX T-Max 100 single roll1 roll$7.65 per roll$9.45
    120 TMX T-Max 100 pro pack4 pro packs$36.90 per pro pack$45.66
    4 x 5 TMX T-Max 100 50 sheet box10 boxes$138.60 per box$171.60
    135/36 TMY T-Max 400 single roll10 rolls$7.65 per roll$9.45
    120 TMY T-Max 400 pro pack4 pro packs$34.65 per pro pack$42.90
    4 x 5 TMY T-Max 400 50 sheet box10 boxes$184.75 per box$228.70
    8 x 10 TMY T-Max 400 10 sheet box10 boxes$159.40 per box$197.35
    4 x 5 Tri-X Pan 50 sheet box10 boxes$152.50 per box $188.77
    5 x 7 Tri-X Pan 50 sheet box10 boxes$277.20 per box$343.10
    8 x 10 Tri-X Pan 10 sheet box10 boxes$117.85 per box$145.87
    135/36 TX Tri-X single roll20 rolls$7.65 per roll$9.45
    120 TX Tri-X 400 pro pack10 pro packs$42 per pro pack$51.96