Alternative Materials


A picture is an expression of the photographer. In recent years new print mediums have been developed that mean we have a far greater range of language to express our pictorial stories.

We constantly research materials that can be used to provide both decorative and archival rendering of your pictures. Our objectives is to provide a wide range that is both attractive, but consistent, so you can predict what your image will look like when printed.

Not every print media suits every photograph or photographer. This is an exciting range of choice that requires exploration and guidance. Book time to consult with our fine art print specialists to start the journey. Consultation first appointment no charge $40 per 15 mins after that.

Pictured to the left is only a small example of our range of materials.

Prices are per metre when over a metre is ordered.

Product shot to the left by Bentinmarcs on Kodak Portra 400 120 processed and scanned by us.

Fine Art Pigment Photographic Papers
(coated, resin coated, pH neutral)

  • Lustre $$250 per m

  • Gloss $250 per m

  • Metallic $278.30 per m

Fine Art Pigment Papers
(uncoated, cotton rag, etching paper, water colour paper, lignin free, pH neutral)

  • Smooth cotton $278.30 per m

  • Textured cotton $278.30 per m

  • Fibre pearl $278.30 per m

  • Canvas $289.80 per m

Specialty Pigment Media

  • Wallpaper $265 per m

  • Blue metal $265 per m

  • Backlit $265 per m

  • Banner $135 per m


  • Silk $278.30 per m

  • Cotton $278.30 per m

  • Linen $278.30 per m